Saving money is an attractive idea, but you better think twice when doing DIY fixes on your heating and cooling unit. Sometimes, do-it-yourself repair or just simply ignoring minor issues on your air conditioning units Tyler TX can cost you big time. Here are 5 common HVAC mistakes in Tyler, TX that you need to avoid.

  1. Covering your HVAC unit

Most of the time, homeowners try to hide or cover their outdoor units. Oftentimes, they place objects in front of the system to hide it, and this can lead to HVAC issues. Surrounding or covering your HVAC systems with other objects can block air ventilation, which may lead to clogging. That’s why, your HVAC unit is better when it has ample open space around it.

  1. Positioning

Just like hiding your HVAC unit, you should also not place your appliances near the thermostat. Hot appliances such as TVs and lamps can trick your thermostat into thinking that it’s hot inside. Improper positioning of your units can give you high energy bills during summer and cold homes during winter. Consult an HVAC professional in Tyler for the proper positioning of your unit.

  1. Ignoring smells or noise

If you just keep passing by your unit ignoring the stale smells and loud noises that it produces, you might receive a costly surprise on your energy bills later. A loud racket can be an indication of a bad system or that something is trapped inside, which can potentially damage your heating or cooling appliances. When you smell something rotten, it is likely that there’s a small animal stuck and died in there. When you notice strange noise or smell on your HVAC unit, you should call on a professional HVAC technician for a system checkup.

  1. Doing It Yourself

If you think it’s OK to install your new programmable thermostat or repair your unit, you better be hope you don’t cause major damage. It is always better to bring in a professional HVAC contractor that is qualified and experienced in installing or repairing your HVAC systems. A professional HVAC technician has the right know-how to make sure that your system is operating at its maximum efficiency.

  1. Avoiding Annual Maintenance

Just like visiting your doctor for regular checkups, annual maintenance of your Tyler heating and cooling unit is also important. A local HVAC technician will let you know if your unit has any issues before they escalate to bigger problems. Annual HVAC maintenance will improve the efficiency of your heaters and air conditioners. Simple DIY maintenance such as cleaning around the units, checking electric components, and inspecting leaks can go a long way to save your HVAC from early breakdown.

Be sure that you avoid these 5 HVAC mistakes to extend the life of your units. Whether you are ready to install new heating or conditioning system or you want to schedule an AC repair in Tyler TX or tune-up, call a trusted HVAC professional in Tyler now.