Your air conditioner is your first line of defense against oppressive temperature and heavy humidity. Most households rely on their cooling units as the hot season sets in. Here are 5 reasons why people opt to install AC units during summer.

  1. AC units improve air quality.

Your home doesn’t need just air; it needs clean and breathable air. AC systems have specialized function of improving air quality in your household while giving you cool air for the summer. If properly maintained, your AC system filters air making it fresh, clean and safe to breathe in.

  1. AC units can cool more rooms at the same time.

When high humidity starts invading your home, what you need is cool air in every part of it. This is one of the advantages that you can get from installing an AC system.  The cool air produced by your unit can be locked up in one room or shared to the other corners of the house.  Just be sure to secure major entries to keep it from leaking out.

  1. AC units produce less noise.

You don’t want another stress aside from the inconvenience brought by the summer heat– not the irritable noise of your unit. AC systems produce less noise, since the condenser, fan and compressor are located outside of your house.

  1. AC units are energy efficient.

It is really not that expensive to run an AC unit, although upfront costs are really intimidating in some cases. A fan costs lesser than an AC system, but try to consider how long you need to use it to cool your home. It can consume as much energy as that of the AC. An air conditioning system has temperature setting and timer that are cost-effective. People install AC system in their homes because it saves them from high energy bill as compared to other cooling machines.

  1. AC units can work in reverse cycle.

Air conditioners do not just save you from summer discomfort, but they can also heat your home when the weather changes. Your home can be heated or cooled by one central air system, so you don’t need to install another heating system.

Air conditioner is a life-saver during the hot season. Contact us at Walker Heating and Cooling for suggestions, installation, and for any other comfort needs you have.