Walker Heating & Cooling understands your need for a conveniently warm home and great savings this winter. You can easily manage your indoor comfort but energy consumption can be a bit tricky. Luckily, we’ve prepared 5 smart ways to help you reduce energy bill while enjoying the warm, cozy and uncompromised comfort this cold season.

  1. Search for worn weather stripping and replace it.

If you see worn weather stripping on your doors and windows, you better replace them. They let in cool air and allow warm air to escape. Typically, weatherstrippings are replaced after a year or two and when you see them tattered. The replacement won’t take too long: you just need to pull out the old and tack in the new one.

  1. Check for drafts around electrical boxes.

You may not know it, but electrical boxes are surrounded by drafts which can serve as a passage for gas exchange. Stop those leaks by sealing small drafts with acrylic latex caulk and foam sealants for large gaps. Don’t forget to change the cover plate and put foam gasket over the outlet.

  1. Invest in portable heaters.

Portable heaters bring great advantage to your savings during the cold season. You can put the space heater on the place where you and your family spend most of the time. It will provide you with warm comfort while the rest of the house which is not occupied will be cooler. Homeowners find great savings in the winter by turning down their furnace and use portable heaters instead.

  1. Don’t let warm air escape in the chimney.

You’ll find comfort in your fireplace when winter starts its invasion. However, when not in use, air can find escape through the chimney. Covering it won’t do the job completely. An easy solution for this issue is the inflatable chimney balloon. It can stick in the chimney and block the airflow. It won’t trouble you when you forgot to remove it before you fire the chimney because it automatically deflates.

  1. Sign up for a furnace tune-up.

Nothing beats regular maintenance and system tune-up before the winter season sets in. This ensures that your furnace and gas place is in ship shape and ready to function properly. It also guarantees the efficiency of your units so it’ll be consuming just the right amount of energy for its operation.

We’re glad to share more tips for winter savings. If your home or office has left you reaching for your ski bib, then call us now. We’ll send a technician ASAP to get your heater repaired. Call us today for your heating.