Your heating systems should be properly maintained for a trouble-free operation. Regardless of the type, make, and model of your furnace, there are several ways to keep your unit in good shape. Here’s how to maintain your heating system the smart way.

  1. Check the thermostat.

One way to make a difference on your heating system maintenance is to bump up the temperature on the thermostat. If nothing still happens, it’s probably time to ditch your old thermostat and switch to a more efficient one. It is advisable to check your thermostat before the heat becomes a necessity for the family.

  1. Clean/Repair the filter.

A clogged and dirty filter is often the reason of a faulty heating system. When the filter gets clogged, air is hardly drawn through the heating system properly. While regular cleaning is paramount to keep the filter in good condition, it is also advisable to talk to your local HVAC contractor for replacement.

  1. Clean the blower.

After cleaning the filter, you should work next on the blower, which is located right after the filter. Clean it from dirt, dust and debris that have accumulated in there. Also, don’t forget to clean the belts and pulleys. Remove the panel cover of the filter to work on the blower assembly. It’s advisable to use a damp cloth in cleaning the blower.

  1. Clean or change furnace ducts.

It is necessary to properly maintain furnace ducts because they are susceptible to damages, especially with a forced-air heating system. In this case, you can clean your furnace ducts regularly with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. If the furnace ducts are beyond cleaning, then maybe it’s time for replacement.

  1. Clean the vents.

Just in case you are not aware, gas furnaces have a ventilating system. At some point, this ventilating system can get clogged due to dust and debris. Clogged ventilation can be hazardous for you and your family. Spare yourself and your loves ones from the hazards by cleaning all the vents using a large brush.

  1. Consider fan inspection.

Another smart way to ensure a trouble-free operation of your gas furnace is through fan inspection. Professional inspection done by certified HVAC contractors can save you on the costs of repairing your furnace. A thorough fan inspection will reveal the components are already hampered by dust and dirt.

  1. Schedule a professional maintenance.

Aside from the tips above, scheduling a professional maintenance can make a difference on your heating system’s efficiency and saving as well. Aside from cleaning the burners and blower, a certified technician can also check your unit for harmful gases that could be leaking into your space.

If you want to stay warm during the cold winter months, you have to take good care of your furnace. While there are several DIY ways to maintaining your furnace, do not ignore the importance of bringing in a professional HVAC contractor to check, repair, or maintain your unit. Schedule annual furnace maintenance now!