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AC Repair in Chandler Texas

We understand the need for a properly working air conditioner in Texas, which is why we offer the best air conditioning services in Chandler, Texas. At Walker Heating & Cooling our staff of highly trained technicians can be at your door same-day when necessary and we answer our phone 24 hours a day. Emergencies can happen at any time and we want to be there for you! We’ve been serving Chandler residents for the past 15 years in both residential and commercial HVAC services. We are also an Independent Bryant Dealer, which means we’ve met the highest standards of customer care and industry expertise. Call now for Chandler AC repair!

Chandler Air Conditioner Replacement

Looking for AC replacement Chandler, Texas? As experts in high efficiency standards, we can help you find the right unit for your space and energy needs in order for you to save money on your energy bill. And we don’t just stop at replacing your unit, we can repair and maintain all brands and models so that you get the most out of your air conditioner and even extend its life. If your current equipment is between 10-15 years old, it may be time for an upgrade as all units lose efficiency over time. Call Walker Heating & Cooling today and find out why your neighbors call us when they need Chandler air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance!

Air Conditioner Service in Chandler

When you need air conditioning service, Chandler residents rely on Walker Heating & Cooling. From routine maintenance to major repairs, we can help you with all of your cooling needs. Problems with your air conditioning system can get worse over time and they may impact the lifespan of your unit. If you think you may have a problem with your cooling system, it is a good idea to call us right away. If you continue to use your AC when it isn’t functioning properly, you may be faced with more extensive and costly repairs. Let us help take care of your air conditioning system and we won’t let you down!

Common Air Conditioning Issues

If something isn’t right with your air conditioning in Chandler, you may be able to identify the problem yourself. You don’t need to be super handy or have a ton of knowledge about HVAC systems. As long as you know what and where a few basic components are, you can check to see if that is the source of your problem.

  • If your AC isn’t turning on at all, consider checking your thermostat first. Since the thermostat is what tells your AC to turn on, if it isn’t working properly, neither will your AC.
  • If the air coming out isn’t cool, you may need more refrigerant. Unfortunately you can’t fix this yourself, but you can at least tell the technician what you think the issue is.
  • If you have poor air flow, you may just need to change your air filter. It’s possible your condenser may need to be cleaned as well.
  • If you see water pooling around your condenser, your condensation line may be clogged.

How to Avoid Common AC Problems

Everyone wants to avoid air conditioner problems and not have to pay for repairs, replacements, or high energy bills. Common air conditioning problems that usually result in calling for air conditioning service Chandler homeowners want to avoid are:

  • Broken parts
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Moldy smells coming in your home
  • A large amount of dust in your home
  • Noisy AC
  • High energy bills

In order to get ahead of the game, all it takes is regular maintenance! Staying on top of monthly maintenance tasks (that you can perform on your own) and scheduling regular tune-ups by a professional is proven to help avoid the need for most repairs, increases the lifespan of you air conditioning system, and also increases efficiency.