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AirDuct Cleaning

Hidden behind the walls and frequently ignored, airducts are vital passageways that deliver cool and warm air to keep you and your family comfortable all year round. Unfortunately, due to nearly constant usage, airducts accumulate grime, dust, pet dander, allergens, debris and other specs of dirt throughout the year.

When you turn your air heater or conditioner on, the spores are discharged into the air you breathe. This can lead to health issues especially to those who have sensitivity or allergies to certain spores. To assure the quality of your airducts, ductwork inspection covers the following.

  • Air Leak Check
  • Insulation R-Values Assessment
  • Damage Check
  • AirDucts Condition Assessment
  • Rodent Check
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment
  • AirDuct Cleaning

With professional airduct cleaning services, our cleaners at Walker Heating & Cooling will come into your place to clean your vents and ducts. They will clean different HVAC elements such as the grilles, diffusers, supply and return ducts, coils, fans, exchanges and the air handling equipment.

At Walker Heating & Cooling, our trained airduct cleaners use a high-performing truck-mounted cleaning equipment to tackle debris, pet dander, grime, and dust in your ducts. Our professional contractors vacuums out all accumulated particles from the ducts, restoring them in their original condition.

Call us now and our service team will conduct a thorough inspection of your airduct and perform professional cleaning.