Some people may take years not knowing that their dryer vent needs to be cleaned. Not until they found out that their clothes took long to dry, there’s extreme heat coming out of the unit, or there’s a massive increase in their energy bill. The dirty dryer vent is the culprit behind all these! Try these steps and see how easy and hassle-free it is to clean your dryer vents.

Step 1: Empty the lint screen

Ninety percent of homeowners empty the lint screen on a regular basis after each load. Doing this alone doesn’t fully solve the problem. However, it still important to remove the lint on the screen using fine-bristled cleaning brushes. Too much buildup of lint may prolong drying because it hinders the heater dryer from moving freely through the machine.

Step 2: Clean the dryer vent

Disconnect sections of dryer vents. Now it’s time to get a little physical to expose the inner part of the dryer. Make sure to unplug it before doing the process. Turn off the gas valve for gas dryers. Detach the ducts closest to the dryer then gently pull the dryer away from the wall. Separate the remaining sections.

Get a little dirty. Fasten the end of the duct brush to the fiberglass shaft.  You can either use the other end to manually turn the brush by hand or fasten it into a variable speed drill. Insert the cleaning brush into the dirty duct. Sweep it clean using a rotating motion while pushing the brush back and forth. If you will to use a drill, use a slower speed then go faster once the lint is removed.

Do this step for the elbows and all other sections of dryer ducts. Check the exhaust discharge cap on the outside of the house if there are lint obstructions. Clean them as well.

Step 3: Reassemble the duct

Attach an adjustable rigid 90-degree elbow to the exhaust end of the dryer. Do not use a semi-rigid duct because it will twist as the dryer is pushed into place causing a major problem in the unit. Put all rigid metals and semi-rigid ductwork sections. Make use of a 4” worm-drive stainless steel duct band clamp for proper attachment. Turn the gas valve on. Plug in the dryer but make sure lint screen correctly placed.

Your dryer vents are now good to go. Try these easy steps to clean your dryer vents and you will avoid major repair expenses.