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Commercial Refrigeration

If you are looking for commercial refrigeration repair help then before you turn to a refrigeration engineer or technician, it might be worth doing a little bit of research yourself to ensure you don’t end up paying more costly repair fees than you need to. Quite often, being familiar with your refrigeration equipment, and the repairs that need to be done, will keep your costs down.

Understanding the difference between skilled repair tasks and basic maintenance activities will ensure you have the right conversation with the right person.


Refrigeration technicians and engineers are skilled roles which are extremely valuable to commercial businesses which rely on their knowledge and business. But so often the tasks they are called out to do are far simpler than they appear and are usually very common. Sometimes even avoidable.

Making sure you have read the user manual on your refrigeration unit, and following the maintenance instructions, is probably the single most money saving tip you can receive. Time and time again, refrigeration professionals report being called out to perform basic maintenance tasks, or repair work due to the lack of any proper maintenance regime. With the cost of equipment and repairs, in a time of financial hardship for many, proper maintenance of equipment should be at the top of any commercial business’s list.

Hiring Walker Heating & Cooling ensures that you are getting the best possible service at an affordable rate, and we work around your schedule, because we understand that you shouldn’t have to take valuable time out of your work day if you can’t afford to.

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