Keg Coolers

Keg Coolers
Keg Coolers.

Keep your kegs cold and your customers happy. When you own a bar or restaurant, the last thing you want is your walk-in keg cooler to go out and serve your customers warm beer. Commercial draft beer systems or keg cabinets attach more than one keg placed inside the system. Each tower transports beer to its dispensing tap. When you properly maintain and repair your commercial kegerator, your beer should be perfectly chilled.

At Walker Heating & Cooling, we know how keg compressors work and where to install the unit. It is important to have a trained technician repair and install your commercial beer or keg stations to ensure they can withstand the temperatures of their surroundings.

Maximize Your Profit

With proper maintenance and repairs, your bar can prevent excess foaming and maximize your profits. We will ensure your tower tubing is correctly chilled and insulated. And you have less waste and more money in your pocket.

Our team of professional refrigeration technicians is on hand for you. You don’t need to worry about regular maintenance or repairs or how often to clean kegerator lines or here to refill kegerator CO2. We can take care of it all.

Commercial Beer Keg Storage Maintenance

At Walker Heating & Cooling, we are your trusted maintenance and repair team for walk-in keg coolers and free-standing keg coolers. Contact us for repairs to your commercial kegs and beer stations.

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