Homeowners are pretty much aware that a furnace tune up is an important part of HVAC maintenance. However, only few consider regular preventative maintenance for their heating components. Here are several reasons why you need to include regular heating tune up in your HVAC maintenance routine.

Proper airflow is guaranteed with regular furnace tune-up.

As you constantly use your heating system, the likeliness of particle buildup causing restrictions in the flow of air is higher. During a furnace tuneup, your HVAC technician will make sure that there are no blockages that can limit the air received by your heating system. This can lessen repairs and may extend the life span of your component.

You can keep your home safe by detecting potential hazards.

Your heating system undergoes combustion process to provide you with the warmth that you need. Since it is a complex process which makes use of burning fuels, everything must work accurately. Failure to do so can lead to gas and carbon monoxide leakages. These substances are extremely dangerous and may affect your family’s safety. Regular tuneup can help prevent this hazard by detecting safety risks and ensuring that every component works properly.

It enhances energy efficiency.

Furnace tuneup includes cleaning all other parts of your system such as the heat exchanger and furnace burner. A well maintained furnace can save you up to 30% of your energy bill since there are no blockages that can cause the parts to double their effort in their performance.

Regular tune-up saves you from costly repairs.

Most of the time, homeowners bring in HVAC professional’s help for simple problems which could have been prevented by annual maintenance. Regular tune up of your heating system not just brings saving in your energy consumption and keeps your home safe, but it also provide solutions to small issues to before they become complex problems.

It maintains manufacturer’s warranty.

By doing regular tune up, you can secure your manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturers always ask for service records as proof that your furnace is well taken care of. It is a clear instruction from them that their warranty becomes void once the heater is not maintained. Warranties last up to 15 years for furnaces with good quality.

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