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Furnace Repair Whitehouse Texas

Don’t suffer through a cold winter without a properly working furnace. Call Walker Heating & Cooling for Whitehouse furnace repair! Since 1999, we have been the best HVAC company in Whitehouse and our customers call us anytime, day or night, for fast, reliable services. We proudly offer 24-hour care because we understand emergencies can happen anytime. Whether you are in need of repair, maintenance, or are considering a new unit installation, our highly trained technicians will make sure your indoor temperature is regulated to your standards. We offer both residential and commercial services! Call us today for furnace services in Whitehouse, TX.

Whitehouse Heating Replacement

Proper upkeep on your furnace is necessary, but every unit will eventually lose efficiency and require you to seek out heating replacement in Whitehouse. If it’s been 10-15 years since your heating system was new, a free estimate from Walker Heating & Cooling can help you understand how you can start saving money and gaining efficiency through an updated unit. We can perform your new installation and also make recommendations for continued upkeep. A maintenance agreement will help keep your furnace working like new for years to come! Should you need furnace installation or furnace repair, Whitehouse residents, call Walker Heating & Cooling right away!

Common Furnace Issues

If your furnace isn’t working properly, your first thought might be to call for Whitehouse HVACservice. However, you may be able to quickly and easily identify and fix the problem yourself. Consider checking these common issues before calling. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be able to tell your technician what you’ve tried so far.

  • If your furnace won’t turn on at all, there are a few things that could be to blame! First, check to make sure your electrical system is working. Did you blow a circuit or a fuse? If so, restore electrical function and see if that fixes your issue.
  • If your electrical system is functioning properly but your furnace still won’t turn on, check your thermostat. It could have a dead battery or it just may not be working properly. Be sure it is working and the temperature listed on it seems accurate.
  • If air flow issues are your concern, check your filter. If it is clogged, it may be restricting air flow. You could also have a leak in your ductwork.
  • If the air isn’t warm, your pilot light could be out. In addition, if it just turned on, it may just need some time to warm up.