There are lots of things involved when choosing a new home, leaving most first-time homeowners intimidated and sometimes unvigilant. Some homeowners overlook features that are not obvious, including their home heating and cooling unit. To beat the heat of summers and take on the chilly winter days, it’s important to know the right system for your home. Here’s a guide in choosing the right system for your comfort needs.

Ask for several quotes.

A good start to get the right heating or air conditioning system is to request several quotes from contractors you trust. Compare the quotes and narrow down your preferences into three or four. Remember: don’t just pick a contractor who offers the lowest price. There’s something in it that might leave you frustrated later.

Hire a reputed HVAC installer.

The quality of the installation service plays a very important role to the performance of your new home comfort equipment. Hence, make sure to find a quality local installer. You can get referrals, check online reviews, and be sure that your prospective contractors are not cutting corners when providing quote for your unit.

Choose the most efficient system that suits your budget.

Some homeowners assume that buying a cheap heating and cooling system when they are on tight budget is a practical choice. The truth is that it can cost them big down the road. That’s why it’s essential to purchase the most efficient equipment that meets your budget. After buying your new furnace or air conditioner, make sure that it is fully registered to get full range of warranty protection.

Check the unit’s efficiency rating.

While older units are ideally less efficient, you can save more when you purchase an equipment with higher efficiency than when you choose a mid-efficiency system. You can check the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of the unit before buying it. Higher-efficiency units are also designed with more advanced features like variable-speed blower motors for improved performance.

Don’t forget to check the warranty.

Keep in mind that even if the unit was under warranty when it was installed, it could have been voided due to improper maintenance such as ignoring annual inspection. Gullible homeowners are likely on the hook for the complete cost for repairs and parts replacement without a warranty.

Get the right size.

The proper size of heating and cooling unit is crucial for your indoor comfort. When buying an AC, be sure that it’s large enough to provide the level of comfort, but not extremely large that it will waste energy. An AC that is too small won’t be able to cool the whole building during hot days.

Sign up for annual maintenance.

Most HVAC companies recommend annual maintenance. As mentioned earlier, improper maintenance may void the unit warranty. So, ask your contractor regarding annual maintenance.

Buying a new heater or air conditioner can be daunting, but don’t let your fear of being ripped-off spoil your experience. Spend ample time in finding the right contractor because that will make a difference.