We bet you know the importance of keeping your furnace well-maintained. It’s your greatest defense against the freezing temperature this winter. But having an efficient furnace alone won’t give you the assurance that your indoor air is clean. IAQ is as important as all other aspects in your home. Use these tips to make your indoor air quality as healthy as possible.

Keep the ducts clean. Air flows through the duct, so make sure that you schedule duct cleaning regularly. The inner walls of your ducts can be filled with airborne particles which can contaminate the air. A professional air duct cleaning can help keep those molds and bacteria out leaving your indoor air clean and healthy.

Don’t miss air filter replacement. Start by knowing what type of filter you have, the size and how to replace it. If you’re not that confident in doing this by yourself, you can ask the help of your trusted HVAC technician. Air filter replacement schedule varies depending on the type of air filter you’re using.

Upgrade your HVAC filters. If you are very much particular of your indoor air quality, you may shift from standard fiberglass filters to those with higher MERV ratings- the higher the MERV, the cleaner the air. However, this gives an additional strain on your system and you may need a maintenance service more often.

Invest in a whole-home filtration system. Especially if someone from your family has respiratory issues and extreme allergies, you may need to manage your indoor air quality with HEPA filtration. This can be an expensive investment but it’s truly worthwhile.

Mind your humidity level. Pay attention to the moisture level in your home by purchasing digital hygrometer and install humidifiers or dehumidifiers to manage the right amount of humidity inside. Your home is at risk of molds and mildew when humidity is too high. Very dry air, on the other hand, can irritate your respiratory tract.

Keep your home clean. Dust, dirt and pet dander are common problems in a household. When your HVAC system is in use, these particles are easily distributed to the different parts of your home and cause a great effect on one’s health. Spare some time for dusting and vacuum cleaning especially on the floors and furniture.

If you’re not yet satisfied with the result of these DIY tips, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly experts at Walker Heating and Cooling.