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In Whitehouse, TX, the temperature stays between 70 and 95 degrees for eight months out of the year. When your air conditioning goes out or requires AC service, life quickly becomes miserable.

Walker Heating & Cooling is a trusted AC contractor in your area. We provide same-day AC repair in Whitehouse, TX. We offer great service at a price you’ll love.

If you need:

  • AC maintenance
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioning replacement
  • Furnace repair
  • New heater installation
  • Ductless air conditioner systems
  • Preventative maintenance for heaters and air conditioners
  • HVAC installation
  • Split systems
  • Geothermal heat pump repair
  • Commercial refrigeration appliance repair

Contact us to schedule maintenance on your HVAC system unit today – (903) 508-4717.

How much does a service call cost?

AC or heat pump service costs starts at $89/hr.

Residential & Commercial HVAC Repair In Whitehouse, TX

Walker Heating & Cooling has been helping East Texas residents and businesses stay cool for over 20 years. We combine high-quality, efficient installation and repair with a dedication to exceptional customer service. In the past two decades, we’ve built a reputation as one of the best HVAC companies in Whitehouse–and for a good reason.

We treat every AC problem as an emergency. We’re East Texas natives and understand the importance of a functioning air conditioning unit in a home or business. A home without AC isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous, and we treat it that way.

We always offer same-day air conditioning repair service calls, and our technicians are available 24/7 for emergencies. If your HVAC system is having problems, contact us today and we’ll have someone out to take a look fast.

Residential HVAC Services

We take your AC problems seriously. We always offer same-day service calls and 24/7 emergency repairs. Even better, we always ensure that our technicians are prepared to fix your air conditioning in hours–not days.

We make sure every Walker Heating & Cooling truck is stocked with the parts, tools, and other equipment our technicians need to make repairs when they arrive, and not after taking multiple trips to get or order a part they don’t have.

Whether you’re looking to install a new AC unit in your home or your HVAC system is acting up, Walker Heating & Cooling has the expertise to help and the dedication to service to ensure it happens smoothly.

Air Conditioning Services Canton TX

AC Installation In Whitehouse

If you’re looking to replace your AC system or you’re building a new home, Walker Heating & Cooling has the experience to help you devise a high-performing, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system. Our technicians attend regular trainings to learn about new technologies in HVAC systems, and we pass that learning on to our customers.

Heating Services Canton TX

Air Conditioner Repair In Whitehouse

Walker Heating & Cooling treats every AC service call as an emergency. We offer same-day service calls, and our technicians will ensure your AC unit is back up and running in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. We know AC emergencies don’t always happen during regular hours, so we also offer 24/7 emergency service.

Air Duct Cleaning Canton TX

Air Duct Cleaning In Whitehouse

HVAC systems see a lot of use in East Texas. While filters will keep out the majority of dirt, allergens, and mold, some will slip through. This will leave your vents and ductwork dirty while lowering the air quality in your home. Walker Heating & Cooling does offer air vent cleaning in Whitehouse to help. We’ll ensure your AC system is spotless.

Commercial HVAC Services

A business without AC or heat will grind to a halt, hurting the company’s bottom line and inconveniencing management, employees, and clients. That’s why Walker Heating & Cooling extends our same-day service calls and 24/7 emergency service technicians to our commercial and business customers.

When you call Walker Heating & Cooling to report a problem, we’ll have a NATE-certified technician there the same day, equipped with all the tools and parts they’ll need to perform most repairs. We’ll get your business back up and running in hours, not days.

Air Conditioning Services Canton TX

Commercial HVAC Installation In Whitehouse

Commercial HVAC systems need to stand up to more use than residential units, even in East Texas. They also need to adhere to codes set by the city. Walker Heating & Cooling has extensive experience with commercial HVAC installation and our technicians will provide high-quality installation alongside our dedication to an excellent customer experience.

Heating Services Lindale TX

Commercial AC Repair In Whitehouse

Walker Heating & Cooling offers same-day service calls and 24/7 emergency technicians for businesses in Canton. We’ll have a NATE-certified technician to your business fast, and they’ll be prepared to fix your most HVAC problems in just a few hours.

Refrigeration Services Canton TX

Commercial Refrigeration Repair In Whitehouse

We do move than provide some of the best AC repair service in Canton. We also provide commercial refrigeration repair services in Canton. A few degrees can make the difference between passing and failing your inspection. If your walk-in or reach-in refrigerator needs repairs, we can help.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services for Canton TX

When It Comes To AC Companies In Whitehouse, TX, Customers Love Walker Heating & Cooling. Here’s Why!

Top-Notch Technicians

Need help with your HVAC in Whitehouse, TX? All our techs are NATE certified. Each one receives ongoing training in-house.

On-Time & Dependable Service

We’ll text or call you on the day of your scheduled service and let you know when we are on our way. No surprises. No disappointments. Just on-time, reliable HVAC service.

Security Is Our Priority

We’ll send you a picture of your AC technician ahead of time to give you peace of mind. So when someone knocks on your door and says they are here for an AC system service call, you know you can trust them.

Emergency Service

We offer after-hour emergency service during nights and weekends. Day or night, we can handle your HVAC emergency immediately.

Same-Day Service

Our technician will fix your air conditioning in a matter of hours, not days. We understand that a broken AC in the East Texas heat isn’t something that can wait.

Prepared Crew

We keep our work trucks stocked with everything your unit may need to get your system fixed on the first trip.

Our Maintenance Plans Keep Your System Running All Year For One Low Price.

Preventative Maintenance Twice A Year

We’ll schedule an appointment with you before each significant weather change. We’ll inspect, clean, and test your unit and ensure your system is running optimally.

Need Service? Skip The Line.

Our maintenance plan subscribers get priority service. All your heating and AC repair needs will be handled quickly.

10% Discount On All Repairs

We do much more than semi-annual HVAC system tune ups. Our HVAC maintenance plans also come with our lowest rates. So you get discounts on all air conditioner service, parts, and labor costs.

Protect Your HVAC System’s Warranty.

Your HVAC system’s warranty may require a maintenance plan. We’ll help keep your warranty valid.

Need same-day air conditioner repair in Whitehouse, TX?
Call Walker Heating & Cooling today at (903) 508-4717. We’ll come to your home ASAP.

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How much does HVAC service cost?

Our basic service calls start at $89.00 per hour. Most service calls require about 2 hours.

And if you’re considering purchasing a new system? Our technicians can replace your furnace, ac unit, or your entire heating and cooling system, usually within a day.

Prices for a new system start at $5,000.

Do I need a new unit?

Possibly. But let’s not jump to conclusions.

First, let one of our experienced technicians look at your system.

Often, we can add years to the life of your furnace, heat pump, or central air conditioner with a few repairs. That way you don’t have to pay for a new system.

However, we will also do our best to explain how much longer your unit might last. That way you can weigh the pros and cons between an AC or furnace replacement cost versus repairs.

If you need a new unit installed, our air conditioning and furnace installers will help you choose the most energy efficient option for your home.

Whether you need a new unit or a simple service call, our goal is to

  • Improve your home’s air quality
  • Decrease your utility costs
  • Increase your system’s cooling power
  • And make your unit last at least 15 to 20 years
Is a preventative maintenance plan worth it?

Absolutely! We stand by our HVAC maintenance plans.

Starting at just $185 per year for each unit, you get two system tune-ups annually. Not to mention, you get a 10% on all services from Walker Heating and Cooling.

With a maintenance plan, our technicians check on your system regularly. That means they are often able to identify small problems before they become much larger problems.

We’ve saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars in service by addressing small issues with their systems before it gets worse.

How do I know if my AC unit needs to be serviced?

Some of the top signs that your HVAC system may need to be repaired are:

  • Your cool air keeps getting warmer over time
  • Your system is leaking
  • You’ve noticed bad smells coming from your system
  • Your unit is making strange noises

If you experience any of these problems or any other issues that concern you, give us a call. We can be at your home by tomorrow.