Bigger isn’t always the better choice when purchasing a heating and cooling unit. Walker Heating and Cooling wants to emphasize this thought and we like to give you some good reasons why size truly matters for HVAC systems.

While it’s true that bigger components can heat or cool homes at a minimum amount of time, it will only be possible if the unit is compatible with the size of the home. If not, instead of helping you maximize your savings, they can be the reason for your budget cut. Here’s a rundown of what might happen when you get an oversized unit.

Short Cycling. To get the maximum efficiency of your unit, it needs to operate continuously. In the case of an oversized HVAC system, the amount of load that the system needs to cover is below its maximum threshold, heating and cooling can be pretty fast so you have to turn off and on your unit every once in a while. This is not good for your HVAC unit as well as your pocket.

Excess Moisture. Oversized HVAC unit can allow for too much moisture inside the room. Since your unit will be working in short running cycle, the unit can no longer reach the point when it will completely remove humidity in the air. After the short cycle, the condensation on the coils goes back to the air. Even if you feel cool after the operation, a foggy environment is still noticeable in the area.

Noise. An HVAC system has built-in noises on the operation that’s why you should be able to identify when the noise is just a normal sound or there’ something wrong in the operation. The air in bigger units move faster than the smaller ones, and it’s one reason why sounds can be heard. Other than that, the causes can be faulty components inside the unit.

Costs. Oversized HVAC units are one of the common causes of skyrocketing energy bill. You might be happy to find out that your unit cools your home fast so you can save energy by turning it off but no. It can double your energy consumption without you noticing it.

You can prevent these things from happening. Call us for an estimate and we’ll tell you the right size of HVAC unit that will fit your home.