Are you satisfied with the cool air that comes out of your vents? Or do you feel as if your AC is functioning like your heater, releasing warm air? If it’s the latter, you probably have issues on the refrigerants. Maybe, the refrigerant level is insufficient.

Why do you need refrigerants in your system?

Refrigerants are responsible for the cool air that comes out of your vents. Heating and cooling system manufacturers provide a sufficient amount of refrigerant in your system for proper functioning. However, as you frequently use your unit, problems may come upon the components which can result in leaking refrigerants. This is one of the mechanical problems of your AC which is not easily detected.

What causes AC refrigerant leaks?

Refrigerant leaks are caused by vibrations due to the system’s constant use. Corrosion also contributes to the wearing and tearing of the parts of your heating and cooling system. This creates cracks and holes which serve as passages for refrigerants. Connections inside your air conditioning system also weaken as the system come to age.

How can you fix leaking refrigerants PROPERLY?

Anyone can fix it, but not everyone can fix it properly. Leaking refrigerants cannot be solved by merely adding refrigerants in your system. It is an ill-advised solution given by some HVAC companies for you to keep on coming back and their business keeps going. But as long as the leaks, holes, and cracks are still there, the problem remains unsolved.

There are also sealants available for use. But this is not also a good solution. These sealants won’t last and may block the system if removed. This becomes an additional problem of your system.

So how do you fix your refrigerant problem? First, you need to find the holes and cracks where the refrigerants leak. You have options to consume your time by manually looking for them yourself, or you might want to call the help of HVAC technicians. The most common recommendation to solve refrigerant leaks is AC coil replacement. It is expensive but a better solution than frequent system repairs.

Coolant escape is a common AC problem but you can always prevent this with a regular tune-up. Be sure to schedule HVAC maintenance at least at the beginning and end of the cold seasons. If you need one, Walker Heating and Cooling is around the corner and just a call away.