Indoor air quality is one of the biggest concerns of homeowners nowadays. In a typical 3-bedroom house, up to 30 pounds of dust is created annually through daily living. The heating and cooling system plays an important part in the home. Here are some top reasons why it is important to have your ducts cleaned regularly.

Through normal living, people generate lots of air pollutants such as dust, chemicals and dander. These pollutants are sucked into the HVAC system and recirculated around the house. Over time, the re-circulation process causes contaminant build-up in the duct work. While ducts are not necessarily harmful for the health, when they get dirty, they can still cause environmental allergies.

According to the Department of Energy in the US, 20 to 45 percent of the energy used for cooling and heating a house is wasted. This is because the contaminants that are presented in the HVAC system cause it to work much harder and as a result, they shorten the life of the air conditioning unit. Even when filters are installed, the system can still absorb dirt through daily use.

When you get the HVAC system cleaned on a regular basis, it does not have to work as hard in order to maintain the desirable temperature. This as a result, leads to an improvement in cost-effectiveness. Kids are more likely to be affected to dust and polluted air as they breathe faster. Children under the age of 10 are at higher risk of developing asthma or flu due to dirt and bacteria in air ducts.

All ventilation and HVAC systems have been shown to act as the main sources of collecting contaminants that cause health problems. The removal of such dirt or debris from the ducts should be every homeowner’s top priority in order to improve the overall indoor air quality. By cleaning the system thoroughly every six months, it can run more efficiently. It is also less likely to break down and its lifespan can be extended.

The frequency of duct cleaning should be increased if there are smokers in the house, pets that shed hair, water damage to the home, or residents who suffer from allergies. A recent study by ACR (Allergy Consumer Review) revealed that duct cleaning reduced airborne particles in a home by about 80 percent and allergy symptoms can significantly decrease. This is a positive finding that shows how effective air duct cleaning can be for households.

Aside from the main benefit of having ducts cleaned to protect air quality, there are also other benefits that make it worthwhile. Clogged duct work makes the furnace work harder than it should to achieve the same result and it can end up costing you money on electricity bills. By cleaning them on a regular basis, your home will be cooled much quicker, without straining the AC system.

Having your duct work cleaned often is worth the money. You will be able to live in a healthier environment with your family without experiencing breathing problems. If you cannot clean your ducts yourself, contact an experienced HVAC specialist in your local area.