Glycol Refrigeration

Glycol Refrigeration.
Glycol Refrigeration.

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Traditional refrigeration can only get you so far. Water-based systems are good for home refrigeration, but commercial and industrial clients need more control–and durability. When you need control down to the degree, you need a glycol chiller.

Glycol systems use a coolant–typically glycol–which works as an antifreeze. This allows glycol systems to reach lower temperatures more reliably. Because you can control the coolant, you also gain a degree of control over the temperature of the refrigeration or chiller system.

Most commonly, you’ll find glycol cooling systems in breweries and other food processing applications.If you’re interested in a glycol chiller system, contact Walker Heating & Cooling and speak with one of our representatives today.

Glycol System Installation

Walker Heating & Cooling’s team of refrigeration specialists can help you install, set up, and run your glycol chiller system. Our team will work with you to help you understand your new glycol cooling system, as well as find the mixture of glycol to water that you need to reach appropriate temperatures.

Glycol System Repair

Glycol systems are durable, but they do break down. Because the stakes are so high, you need an AC repair company that provides efficient repair services. Walker Heating & Cooling offers 24/7 emergency repairs, so if your system breaks down we can have someone there to help quickly.

The Benefits Of Glycol Chillers

  1. Lower Temperatures: Glycol acts as a type of anti-freeze, and after introducing it to the cooling system it allows the whole system to reach lower temperatures. By changing the ratio of water to glycol, you also get direct control over average temperatures.
  2. Precision Control: by controlling the amount of glycol in the cooling system, you’re able to get precise control over temperatures your chiller can reach. Combined with internal controls, this gives you more precision than a water chiller.
  3. Faster Cooling: Lower operating temperatures mean more effective and efficient cooling. A glycol system offers more effective and efficient cooling, whether as part of a refrigeration system or for a process chiller.
  4. Versatility: Glycol systems can be used for a variety of purposes. With food-grade glycol, they’re great for brewing, distilling, and industrial food production. They can also be used in mechanical and industrial application.

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