Refrigerated Display Cases

Refrigerated Display Cases.
Refrigerated display cases.

If It Doesn’t Look Fresh It Probably Isn’t

Sometimes, the best advertisement is the product itself. A refrigerated display cabinet allows you to show off your goods while keeping them at an appropriate temperature. If they break down, you risk losing time, effort, materials, and potential customers.

If your display cases aren’t working properly, you can depend on Walker Heating & Cooling. Our commercial refrigeration repair specialists are highly skilled and able to ensure that your refrigerated displays are functioning properly. If you’re having refrigeration problems, contact Walker Heating & Cooling today to speak with a representative and to schedule service.

Refrigerated Display Cabinet Repairs

  • Deli Cases: Ensuring your deli items are the appropriate temperature is vital to preventing bacteria and microbes. Walker technicians will ensure that your case is working perfectly again on their first trip.
  • Beverage Cases: Every Texan knows how a cool drink can make a difference on a hot day. We’ll ensure that your customers aren’t surprised by a room-temperature beverage from your drink case.
  • Bakery Cases: Anyone that owns a bakery knows how important having an attractive, functioning display case is. You need a case that protects your hard work from heat and drying out, and our technicians will ensure you do.
  • Glassdoor Freezers: If you freezers die, you stand to lose a lot of money when whatever’s in them melts. You want to ensure they’re functioning properly at all times, and Walker Heating & Cooling refrigeration repair technicians will do that.
  • Sushi cases: Sushi cases are part from and part function. They show off the quality of the seafood while keeping them at the perfect temperature for slicing and preparing. Our technicians will ensure they function perfectly.

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