Water Fountains

Water fountain.
Water fountain.

Maintained Machines = Safe Water

A neglected public water fountain is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Bacteria, rust, and other harmful microscopic particles build up in neglected machines. That means you take a risk in people getting sick.

At Walker Heating & Cooling, we know how drinking fountain compressors work and how to install the unit. A trained technician can repair and install your commercial drinking fountains to ensure they are providing your guests with safe drinking water. Nobody likes to get a drink from a water fountain that dispenses lukewarm water.

Contact our team to ensure you are responsibly providing safe water.

Nobody Likes Water That Tastes Bad

With proper maintenance and repairs, you can make sure the water from your drinking fountain is cold and tastes better. We will ensure your tubing and pipes are correctly chilled and insulated.

Our team of professional refrigeration technicians is on hand for you. You don’t need to worry about regular maintenance or repairs or how often to clean water fountain lines. We can take care of it all.

Need Water Fountain Service?

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