Reach-In Coolers

Reach-In Coolers.
Reach-In Coolers.

If you own a bar or restaurant, you know commercial coolers are essential to your business. Reach-in coolers, bar coolers, or beer coolers are great options for storing chilled, glasses, plates, chilled bottled drinks, kegs, and more.

In addition to providing refrigeration that enhances your customers’ experience, commercial reach-in coolers offer space for storage and organization.

Commercial Bar Coolers We Repair

We are familiar with countless types and brands of commercial appliances, including reach-in coolers.

We repair:

  • Back bar coolers
  • Horizontal bottle coolers
  • Beer dispensers
  • Bottle or beer coolers
  • Wine coolers
  • Glass & plate chillers
  • And more!

Commercial Reach-in Cooler Repairs in Tyler, TX

Is your commercial cooler on the fritz? Will it not turn on or maintain the temperature? Our appliance repair technicians at Walker Heating & Cooling to get it up and running.

Some of the issues we commonly repair include:

  • Inoperable unit
  • Drinks keep freezing
  • The unit is not cool enough
  • The exhaust is blowing warm air
  • Cycles on and off frequently

Our Refrigeration Maintenance Plans

When it comes to owning a restaurant or bar, time is money. A broken commercial cooler can cause your guests to complain and be unhappy. We understand this is an inconvenience on a busy day.

Contact one of our professionals to learn more about our maintenance programs so you can prevent any unexpected repairs.

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