Process Chillers

Process Chillers.
Process Chillers.

Ensure Maximum Productivity with an Industrial Chiller from Walker

Industrial processes require precision temperatures to ensure they’re producing as many goods as possible. Most companies use an industrial process chiller that keeps everything at a stable temperature and prevents mechanical or electrical heat from shutting down your plant. Whether you’re looking to install a new chiller system or need repairs on an existing one, Walker Heating & Cooling’s experienced refrigeration technicians can help.

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Types of Chillers We Install & Service

Industrial Air Chiller System

Air-cooled chillers are a popular, cost-effective way to keep your processes cool. These are standalone units that use the air around them to cool your industrial process.

Walker Heating & Cooling’s technicians understand air-cooled process chillers and we can ensure that yours is working perfectly.

Industrial Water Chiller System

Water-cooled chillers use water for process cooling. They’re often able to cool more quickly and take up less space, but they also require a water connection to run. Walker Heating & Cooling's technicians are able to repair and install process water chiller, and you can rely on our expertise to ensure that they function perfectly.

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