Service Agreement Program

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PROGRAM OPTIONS Basic Value ValuePlus Gold
1 Maintenance Appointment (Covers Heating & Cooling)
2 Maintenance Appointments (One Heating, One Cooling)
Report Card
Inspection Report
No Service Call Fees 8-5, M-F
No Service Call Fees 7-10, M-S
10% Discount on Repairs
Longer Equipment Life
Satisfies Manufacturer’s Maintenance Requirements
“Front of the Line” Service
Maintenance Tasks
Replace Client-Supplied Filter
Replace Standard Filter (Walker Heating & Cooling Supplied, MERV 11, 1” filter only)
Clean Washable Filter
Check for Air Leaks
Check Thermostat Operation
Check Zoning Operation
Blow Drain Line with Nitrogen
Treat Pan with Tablets
Test & Inspect Drain Switches
Check Air Temps
Check Safeties
Check for Carbon Monoxide
Check for Gas Leaks
Check Heat Exchanger
Check Evaporator Coil
Check Capacitor
Check Electrical Connections
Check Refrigerant Charge
Look for Indication of Leaks
Remove Leaves & Debris from Outdoor Unit
Wash Condensor Coil
Covers Replacement of One Contractor or Capacitor per year
Sanitize Unit & Ductwork

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